LLDPE Toilets in Assam

LLDPE Toilets Manufacturers in Assam

We are well recognised LLDPE Toilets Manufacturers in Assam and provide an excellent range of portable toilets in Assam as well. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a form of toilet offered by Uday creations. It is an innovative and full range of chemical and flush toilets manufactured in polyethylene (PE) using rotational technology. Portable chemical toilets, in both the sitting and squatting versions, truly comply with the new standards and can be equipped with various accessories that make them more comfortable to use. 

Portable Toilets in Assam 

We also offer customised LLDPE toilets. These LLDPE portable toilets are made up of special structural elements that make their use and handling that much easier. These are equipped with all the fittings needed to ensure maximum safety during transport and maximum comfort during use. The portable toilets are delivered ready for use. At Uday Creation, we provide these LLDPE toilets in Assam at the best price. 

Lldpe Portable Toilet in Assam

We at Uday creations completely follow the new market trends and standards. We offer innovative products. At Uday creations, we make sure to supply our LLDPE portable toilets to distant Assams, which also makes us the efficient LLDPE toilet suppliers in Assam.

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School Toilet

Product Code : UC-1061-PT


Area : 15 x 3.5 x 7.5

Water Tank : 01 No.

Toilet Sheet : 03 Nos. (Indian)

Urinal : 02 No.

All steel components are APL Apollo brand I.S.I. marks pipes with powder coated with anti-rusting treatment and all FRP components are painted by high quality PU paint in 03 layers.

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Public Urinals

Product Code : UC-1057-PT


Area : 15 x 3 x 7 Ft.

Gents Urinal : 05 Nos.

Structure : MS Angel

Used For : Public Urinal

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LLDPE Gents Urinals

Product Code : UC-1066-PT


Area : 4 x 4 Ft.

Material : LLDPE

Urinal Type : Gents Urinal

Urinal Pots : 04 Nos.

Used For : Public Place

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MS Steel Panel Toilet

Product Code : UC-1060-PT


Area : 3.5 x 3.5 x 8 Ft.

Structure : Steel Panel

Toilet Sheet : Indian (01 No.)

Waterline : 01 No.

Water Tap : 01 No.

Water Tank : Not Provides

All steel components are APL Apollo brand I.S.I. mark pipes with powder coated with anti-rusting tratment.

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