Tips for Parents for Engaging Kids at Home During Lockdown

Tips for Parents for Engaging Kids at Home During Lockdown

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Tips for Parents for Engaging Kids at Home During Lockdown

Our world is facing an unexpected disaster right now in the form of COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic. Experts are suggesting to remain at home as much as possible to remain safe from the infection. People are preferring to stay at home with their family members. Amidst all this chaos, kids too are having to stay at their homes and spending unlimited fun time.

Being stuck at home with kids may seem like a nuisance to many, but it can be considered as a blessing. It provides a tremendous opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids. You get ample amounts of time to spend with them and can make them grow into a better person. Let us have a look at the ways through which you can keep engaged. 

Play Board Games: This may sound very obvious, but it's still a classic and effective way to keep kids engaged in a fun way. Being stuck at home with kids provides you with the perfect opportunity to play board games like ludo, puzzles, snakes and ladders, carrom-board and even chess if they can play it. Board games are very popular indoor activities and not only do they make you experience fun but also make your children more adaptable towards challenges. Must play board games and develop the mental ability of kids in a positive way.

Do Craft Work: As we all know, children love fun and challenging games to play. If they find any activity boring, they get irritated and can make you feel irritated too with their behaviour. Putting those children at creative tasks like drawing, painting and lego-making are just a few of the perfect ways to keep them engaged. These creative activities make them more enthusiastic towards the challenges. Meanwhile, you as the parents monitor their progress and guide them to achieve success efficiently. 

Create Dummy Forts: Everybody fantasizes to own a fort, forget kids even though you might be having such fantasies. So no need to wait anymore, just use furniture pieces like dining tables and chairs in innovative ways along with putting bed sheets and pillows and make an invincible fort for yourself and family. We are assured that your kids will enjoy it a lot while you being an adult can provide required supervision for their safety. Simply by playing with them you may increase their joy as well as safety in a tremendous way.

Play Treasure/Scavenger Hunt: Being indoors provides a huge number of places where you can deliberately hide something and let your children seek it in a fun way. Make this a fun game by giving them hints to find the hidden things. If they find it successfully, you can simply reward them with chocolates or ice-cream or some other thing that they like.

Cook/Bake with them: This may seem like a fun activity at the moment but can become a useful lesson of life later. Make your kids play with you while doing some cooking activity. Not only they will find it engaging but also learn how to cook and bake. They will be grateful to you later in life.

This challenging time has given a tremendous opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, so don’t miss and make the most of it. Get a variety of indoor playing and sports items from Uday Creations, a reputed School & Garden playground Equipment Manufacturer in India and enjoy that time in the most fun and engaging way.

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